Is The End Of Twitter, Social Media For Athletes Here?

Twitter started as an innocent service allowing people to post comments, make them searchable and post replies. It has evolved and it has evolved for athletes and celebrities as a way to reach out to the community. The idea sounds great and the popularity has grown.

Sure it's fun to see what Terrell Owens or Chad Ochocinco has to say about whatever is on each of their minds, but then there are the other incidents from athletes such as when Redskins rookie Robert Henson stated his dislike for Redskins fans.

Texas Tech Mike Leach has now banned his players from using Twitter after linebacker Marlon Williams asked on his Twitter account why he was still in a meeting room when "the head coach can't even be on time." That tweet has been deleted and his page also no longer exists.

People may argue that Twitter cannot be banned because of freedom of speech, but they fail to understand that it may just be one of many team rules that players are required to follow. The player can choose to use Twitter, but he or she may be punished as a result of it. Let's not confuse freedom of speech with having consequences for your own actions. If a player said some of these things to the public in an interview, punishments would also be handed down. If you say something on Twitter that you wouldn't say in public, you probably shouldn't be saying it in the first place.


  1. I hope more teams don't ban its players from using twitter.

  2. social media shouldn't be used as a way for athletes to pass off blame and unfortunately that is what it is turning out to be.

  3. Its all about self discipline.

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