Red Robin Just Isn't Good...

When Red Robin came to Turkey Creek, the shopping capital of Knoxville just outside of Farragut, the buzz was intense. Everybody flocked to the self proclaimed "gourmet burger" joint and it continued to receive rave reviews. I however was not about to be swayed by the comments of others when it comes to a great burger. Because I know a great burger when I see one and even before I stepped foot into Red Robin - I knew it was not as good as everybody was saying it was.

Knox Animal is on team Fuddruckers all the way. Fuddruckers has been satisfying my burger cravings for years and when I think of getting a burger, that is where I usually go. The one-pounder is the perfect hunger quencher and when comparing burgers, that is the benchmark.

So, when I get to Red Robin, Mrs. Knox Animal and I ordered a tower of Onion Rings because they too have received rave reviews. They came on a tower with two dipping sauces and they were pretty good. Was it possible that I was wrong when judging Red Robin? The meal started off great, but could it finish strong?

I was hungry, so naturally I looked for the biggest burger on the menu. The Monster Burger is what I saw since it is a double-patty burger. It immediately caught my attention - so that is what I ordered. Mrs. Knox Animal ordered the Sauteed 'Shroom Burger, so that we had two burgers to try - making our review of the hyped up burger joint legit.

The burgers came wrapped up nicely so that they wouldn't fall apart, but as we began to devour our burgers, it became clear why they are served wrapped in wax paper. The meat is greasy, the bun is weak and it was just an all around disappointment. When I eat a burger, I want it to ooze with flavor. The only oozing from this burger, was the grease from the outside of the burger running down my hands when I ate it. After eating my Monster Burger rather easily, I ate half of Mrs. Knox Animal's Sauteed 'Shroom Burger. Thinking that maybe the double meat patty was the cause for the greasiness of my burger, I was eager to try the single patty burger. It too was very greasy. To make matters worse, both burgers and toppings were seeping through the bun, so we were forced to finish the burgers with knives and forks - not exactly the way I like to eat a burger.

At Red Robin, they give you never ending fries with each burger, it's even advertised on the menu. It's a nice touch, but all in all Red Robin is a bunch of crap. I knew that going in, but as the wife and I were driving around Turkey Creek last Sunday afternoon, we decided to give it a try. As the old saying goes, you can never judge a book by its cover, but Knox Animal can judge a burger place before stepping into it.

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