Four Vol Ballers Suspended

What do you do when you just beat Memphis 66-59 the night before? Well, if you are senior Tyler Smith, sophomore Cameron Tatum and juniors Brian Williams and Melvin Goins you get arrested.

The four were traveling on I-40 in Knoxville when Tatum was pulled over for speeding. The officer smelled marijuana and found a gun with an altered serial number, forcing him to arrest the four University of Tennessee basketball players according to Knoxnews.com. All four face misdemeanor drug and weapon charges.

The four Vols have been suspended indefinitely by Vols coach Bruce Pearl. With four players, gone that is basically 25% of the team, which is a pretty damn significant part for the No. 14 ranked Vols. Also, Smith is trying to prove that he is actually talented enough to get drafted into the NBA, so for a player on the bubble - this could be a problem. But, seriously all ramifications aside, why the hell did these players need a gun? All they have to do is go to class and play basketball - Knoxville is not that dangerous of a place.

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