My Journey: Day 106

Your only limits are self-imposed.

There is nothing like waking up Monday morning after a great weekend. The anticipation of the work week looms ahead, but the thought of busting your ass in the gym to get the week started makes it all okay. There is a great reward in going to the gym and giving it your all before the sun comes up.

Heading into the gym this morning, I was thinking about changing my workout up a little bit. I am always looking for new ways to shake things up and today I decided to add overhead rope triceps extensions to the mix. It was second to last exercise, so I got a nice pump going. In addition to that addition, my focus is always to improve on lifts. Today's focus was on dumbbell incline press and I hit a personal record on the third set. My training is all about hitting PR's because that is the only way I know that I am pushing myself to be better.

I finished my weight training today in about an hour, so with a couple minutes to spare I went over to the treadmill and walked for 10 minutes.

I went over on my calories this weekend and was under my targeted protein goal yesterday, so I want to make sure I spend an extra time focusing on staying around 3,000, while hitting my macros each day this week. This is the most important aspect right now in my journey, so I need to make sure I nail it.

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