My Journey: Day 117

Today's workout was very average for my standards. My energy level was low and I just wasn't into it. Even though I am not happy with the workout, I still managed to get in abs, bent rows, push press, upright rows, barbell shrugs, wide-grip lat pulldowns, dumbbell curls and hammer curls.

I weighed in today at 275.4 pounds, so it's good to see I am back on track with the weight loss. I lowered my caloric intake to 2,800-3,000 this week and it seems to be a good target area. I will continue that and see how much I lose this upcoming week to really tell if it's a good range or not. The goal is one to two pounds a week, with two pounds being the absolute maximum.

Thank God that it's the weekend, so that means two good days of rest. I am actually a little sore from my workout today, so I know it was a good workout - just a few exercises short of my standard. The goal next week is to regain that focus and tear it up on each workout day.

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