American Idol Finale Review Tuesday, May 24

It's the night American Idol fans have been waiting for. The finale between Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery. It is a match-up between two very talented teenagers, so it will definitely be interesting to see which one is more popular.

Contestant's Choice From The Season
Scotty McCreery - Gone by Montgomery Genry
This was actually better than the first time he sang this song. He seemed more comfortable with it this time and after the judges praised him last time, why wouldn't he be?

Lauren Alaina - Flat On The Floor by Carrie Underwood
I like this pick from Lauren. It was one of her better performances this season and she made it work again.

Celebrity Pick's (George Strait for Scotty, Carrie Underwood for Lauren)
Scotty McCreery - Check Yes Or No by George Strait
What a great song. This is the kind of song that Scotty does really well, so if he can get some good songs, he will be very successful in his career. Great performance.

Lauren Alaina - Maybe It Was Memphis by Pam Tillis
It was pretty good. Lauren has a really good voice. She can sing a range of songs and a song like this proves that.

Potential New Singles
Scotty McCreery
This was a fantastic song for Scotty. It really showcased why he is in the position he is in. He is also a lot less awkward with a mic stand. I thoroughly enjoyed this song and performance.

Lauren Alaina
This was a nice song and a nice tribute to her mother, but it was a little cheesy for my taste. It's not her fault her song wasn't as good as Scotty's but she made the most of it. Overall, she did a great job, but unfortunately for her - Scotty did too.

Closing Thoughts
While both of these artists are good, I think it's safe to say that Scotty is the better of the two. He should be this season's American Idol for sure.

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