American Idol Review: Wednesday, May 4

After last week's hail storms that knocked out my power and totaled one of our two vehicles, Knox Animal is back to the American Idol Reviews. With Casey leaving last week, we are now without the best musician on the season. We are down to five and they are doing two songs each tonight - one current and one classic. Here is how it went down.

James Durbin - Closer To The Edge by 30 Seconds To Mars
James did a good job with this song. He has what it takes to be the American Idol and the way it has been going, I don't see anybody that is going to take it away from him. Once again his stage presence and his vocal performance were superb.

Jacob Lusk - No Air by Jordin Sparks ft. Chris Brown
This song started horrible and it didn't get better until the chorus. It wasn't good and it was reminiscent of the old Jacob. His voice was off tonight and he could be going home as a result.

Lauren Alaina -Flat On The Floor by Carrie Underwood
This was one of the best Lauren performances of the season, hands down. We all know that she is going to end up doing country music, but she absolutely killed this song. This was energetic, powerful and just plain good. As young as Lauren is, she was pretty damn impressive tonight.

Scotty McCreery - Gone by Montgomery Gentry
When I first heard that he was doing this song, I was excited to hear him do it because it's a little more powerful than what he has been doing. Overall, it was a pretty typical Scotty performance - Corny as shit.

Haley Reinhart - You And I by Lady Gaga
This is really awesome. Haley has really come into her own as of late and she has definitely proved that she belongs here. This was one of my favorite performances of the season.

James Durbin - Without You by Harry Nilsson
What a great song choice for James. We always think of him as a high energy performer, but he can sing the slow sincere songs just as good. James is a hell of a performer and like I said earlier, it's going to be hard for anybody to beat this guy.

Jacob Lusk - Love Hurts by The Everly Brothers
This is much better than his first song. Jacob was able to show his range with this song and it could help him regain some lost votes from his first song. Solid performance.

Lauren Alaina - Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers
This was a very mature song for such a young kid, and she did a good job with it. I may not remember this performance tomorrow, but right now, it was good. It was a nice change of pace from her first song, so she has a nice showing tonight.

Scotty McCreery - Always On My Mind by Elvis Presley
This was the perfect song choice for Scotty. I wasn't a big fan of his performance, but he nailed this one. This is who Scotty is, not that garbage we saw earlier.

Haley Reinhart - The House Of The Rising Sun by The Animals
Simply awesome. Haley killed it and this is officially one of my favorite Idol performances ever. The way she started without any instruments and just voice was genius. This was officially one of the best versions of this song ever - and this is a great song. Without a doubt, this was the performance of the night.

Knox Animal Power Rankings
1. James Durbin
2. Haley Reinhart
3. Lauren Alaina
4. Scotty McCreery
5. Jacob Lusk

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