My Journey: All Or Nothing

At the beginning of this week, I told you I needed to break the 275 lb. plateau that I have been stuck at for several weeks now. I added a little extra cardio in and I weighed in this morning at 272.4 lbs. Mission accomplished. The goal next week will be to at least be at 271 lbs.

Today's workout was solid, but it wasn't one of my best. I haven't been pushing my back the way I would like, so I will be switching things up with my back workout in the near future. Even though I wasn't that pleased with my back workout today, my traps got hit hard today, so that is at least something to be proud about. After hitting the weights, I did a 30 minute jog/walk treadmill session to close it out.

I am going to start doing some cardio on the weekends now, so the plan is to do a 30 minute cardio session both Saturday and Sunday. My caloric target is 2800-3000 calories for the weekend, but if I go over slightly, I'm hoping the extra cardio will make up for it.

It's go time now, so it's all or nothing...
Short term goal is still 265 lbs. by August 5 (My 27th birthday)
Long term goal is 250 lbs. by Christmas.
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