My Journey: Back To The Grind

After a long weekend, it's back to work this week. It was a great weekend on the lake with family and I look forward to many more just like it this summer. Boating, swimming, wakeboarding, beer and good music definitely make for some good times. I have always been a summer person and having a weekend like this always reminds me of why I am.

All fun aside, it's time for business in the gym this week. After taking Friday and yesterday off from the gym, tomorrow A.M. will be the first time in the gym in exactly one week. It will be my legs day and as usual, it will be brutal. Last week I added shoulders into the Wednesday legs mix and I liked the outcome. I will be doing the same thing tomorrow.

One thing to mention about the diet tracker. Calorie Counter has lost some of my data and I have been slacking on entering it based on the fact that other people have cooked the food I have been eating. I have used my best judgement on trying to hit my macros.

Right now my targeted macros are:
  • 2800 calories
  • 250+ grams of protein
  • 100 grams of fat
  • the remainder carbs

Check out my Workout Tracker

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