Logan Morrison Rips Hanley Ramirez

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported Tuesday that outfielder Logan Morrison ripped into Ramirez Monday after the Florida Marlins' All-Star shortstop showed up less than a half-hour before the team was scheduled to stretch.

According to the same report, Morrison reportedly blasted Ramirez in front of the team and told him his regular lateness could be an explanation for his struggles this season. Morrison, when approached by the Sun-Sentinel, declined comment.

It was no secret that Ramirez has been struggling this season. Ramirez went into Tuesday's game hitting .200, fourth-worst in the majors and well below his career average of .306. His slugging percentage of .295 was fifth-worst, and he had just four homers and 17 RBIs in 55 games.

Frankly, I am glad that Morrison called Ramirez out. If a player is the leader or supposed to be the best player on the team, he has a duty to prove it to his teammates. He needs to work hard and earn the respect of the team. With the team struggling and Ramirez struggling, there is no excuse to show up late to workouts. That should not be tolerated and the fact that the media is talking about it, should make Ramirez wake up a little. All the talent in the world doesn't make a person a good leader, but somebody on the Marlins needed to take charge and that is just what Morrison did.

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