My Journey: Blood, Sweat, Tears

Last night I had a vision. That vision was me walking out of the gym this morning barely able to move. I wanted to have one of the best workout of my life and that is what I did. Wednesday leg days have always been intense, but today I wanted to go the extra mile. I wanted to hurt. I wanted to suffer. All because I want to grow.

After warming up on the bike for five minutes, I did my usual ab machine work to loosen up my core. After that, it was time to work. I have grown very fond the squat machine I use except for the fact that it only safely holds 14 plates, seven on each side. To make up for that I did: 270x10, 360x10, 450x10, 540x10 and 630x20. The last eight reps at 630 were painful, but I got them done.

Following the squat machine, I went directly into five sets of leg press and finished with a PR of 630 for eight reps. Fatigued isn't even a nice way to explain how I felt at this point, but there was still more to do... It was time to keep it going.

I knocked out three sets of seated calf raises, standing leg curls, leg extensions and standing calves to finish off the workout. I ran out of time, so I will have to work in shoulders/traps on Friday.

If I have learned one thing about training, it's that it is very important to visualize what you want to accomplish during your time at the gym. I like to picture what I want to do and it helps me prepare. It also gives me the drive and energy to make it happen.

I don't like failing, so I don't.

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