My Journey: Focusing on Chest

When I started My Journey, I made it a point to work the hell out of my legs to get them to grow. I have seen great improvements in my legs, and now it is time to focus on my second weakest part - my chest. The approach I am going to try out is to incorporate a more power lifting style than bodybuilding. What this basically means is that I am going to do more sets of fewer reps of each. The idea is to focus more on the weight you are lifting rather than how many times you are lifting it. In theory, more weight = greater growth.

I will still be doing isolation work, but the main focus of my workouts will now be Monday - Bench Press, Wednesday - Squats, Friday - Deadlifts. Everything else is support work.

Today's workout consisted of the following:

Ab Machine 3x10
Bench Press 5x5 (main chest)
Incline Bench Press 5x5 (main chest)
Machine Pullovers 3x10
Cable Flyes 3x10
Rope Triceps Pushdowns 5x10
VBar Tricep Pushdowns 5x10
Machine Dips 5x5 (main triceps)

I seek results and when I don't get them, I switch things up.

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