My Journey: Increasing Sets

If there has been one of  my workouts that I have been most unhappy with, it has been my chest/triceps routine. It is obvious that I struggle with chest workouts because my chest looks more underdeveloped than any other part of my body. I need to find a solution quickly, so what I did today may just be what I needed. I added sets and decreased reps. Here is what my workout looked like today:

Ab Machine x 3
Chest Press Machine x5
Incline Press Machine x5
Machine Pullovers x3
Tricep Rope Pressdown x5
Tricep VBar Pressdown x5
Tricep One Arm Cable Pulldowns x5

I need to shock my chest into growing. What I have been doing is working for everywhere else, but my chest is stubborn. Hopefully this will help it grow, but if not - I will keep searching. I don't settle for mediocrity, I try and be the best.

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