My Journey: Making It Count

Closing the week strong is always an important goal of mine. With two days of rest until my next workout, I always want to push myself on Fridays. Today's back workout was good. My main focus area for my back is the lower part. It goes with my goal of strengthening my core.

One of the best things I have done on my back day is starting the workout with abs and then move directly to the lower back extension machine. It not only gets my lower back pumped, but it warms it up for my heavier lifts on back day. Many people prefer abs after the workout is over, but I like starting with them. I do things a little different, but I do what works for me.

I was still feeling the effects of my Wednesday workout, but I had to work through it - no problem. The goal is to make each workout count, so there is no sense of doing a half-assed workout just because I was sore and tired. I needed to make it count, so I did.

After noticing that my biceps have basically stayed the same size and the weights haven't gone up in a while, I changed that part of the workout up a little bit. Instead of doing the typical overdone 10,8,6 set for each biceps exercise, I decided to do 5x5 for each biceps exercise. I may do that for a few weeks and see where it gets me.

We Only Live Once, So Make It Count

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