My Journey: Return Of The Squat

Squats are back and better than ever

The goal was never to remove squats from my training routine, but I wanted to get my quads a lot stronger before performing the barbell squat. For the past several weeks I have been busting my ass to get my quads ready to perform barbell squats correctly. In order to do this, I was working heavy weights on a squat machine at my gym as well as leg press. I now feel like I have finally gotten to the point where I can start building up my barbell squats. Today I threw five sets of five reps into my routine and I was happy with how I did. I didn't force anything and the main focus was form. I did 135x5 for one set and then 225x5 for four sets. Next week, the goal is to bump it up to 245x5 for the last three sets.

My workout today was a killer. It was my typical leg workout, but with the added bonus of barbell squats. Here is what it looked like: (note the exercises in bold are the foundation of my legs workout)

Ab Machine 3x10
Machine Squats 5x10
Barbell Squats 5x5 (main legs)
Leg Press 5x5 (main legs)
Seated Calf 5x5
Leg Extensions 3x10
Standing Leg Curls 3x10
Standing Calf Raises 3x25

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