Sunday Morning Links

Each Sunday, Knox Animal will post links to other sites and blogs that have caught our attention at some point throughout the week. Here is what we found this week:


Denver's Von Miller Gets The Best, Worst Tattoo Of All Time [6/8/2011]
It's always cool to see people's tattoos. It's even cooler to see bad tattoos on other people. [With Leather]

C'mon Home Fulmer [6/8/2011]
With University of Tennessee AD Mike Hamilton stepping down, it would be nice to get somebody in the position that has a little integrity. Former Vols football coach Philip Fulmer could be just who the Vols need to run the athletics department. [Losers With Socks]

My Morning Jacket Tears Up Fallon [6/8/2011]
We always get a little excited when MMJ makes a television appearance. First of all because they are an awesome band, but second of all they always give their all when performing - no matter where it is. Jim James and company showcased their title track from their new album - Circuital. [Consequence Of Sound]


Four Pounds And Counting [6/6/2011]
E.B. has been a follower of Knox Animal since the beginning and I have been a fan of her site since then as well. She runs a great blog, and like me has begun a weight loss journey. She is doing great and you guys should check out her site if you get a chance. [E.B. in Tennessee] 

Caffeine Factor: It's Highly Beloved & Most Ingested Drug In The World & For Good Reason [2011]
Caffeine continues to be my favorite supplement. It is good pre-workout, it is good whenever I need a boost and best of all - it is cheap. As tempting as many pre-workout supplements are, caffeine does the trick. Here is some good info from a good bodybuilding and fitness site. [SimplyShredded] 


Life And Career Advice - How To Be Paid To Drink Beer [6/4/2011]
Scooby usually offers free fitness advice, but this post on life and career really peeked my interest. Many of us are working so hard that we fail to leave time for the stuff we truly enjoy doing. Our passions may get lost in the every day norms of life. Scooby offers some advice on how to allow yourself to have some time each day to do the things you truly enjoy. [Scooby's Home Workouts]

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