My Journey: All About The PR's

Jokingly over the fourth of July weekend, I told my buddies that my goal by the end of the year is to hit a 1,000 pound leg press. It seemed like a far fetched goal at the time - especially since I really just started training legs this year, but there is no reason to tell myself that I can't accomplish that. Today I hit a PR on leg press on five reps of 720 pounds on my sixth set. Dare I say almost there? No, not really. But I am coming, and I will get my 1,000 pound leg press - then surpass it.

As usual, today's workout was brutal. It had me walking wobbly out of the gym - something I have become accustomed to on leg training days. I busted out 28 sets on seven different exercises. It was one down from my normal eight, but a calf cramp when I started the seated calf raises prevented me from performing that exercise. There was no need to push it, especially after doing squats and setting a PR on leg press.

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