My Journey: Proper Deadlift Form

For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with finding proper deadlifting form. Since deadlifts are now a main focus in my workout routine, I am making a special effort to ensure that my deadlift form is spot on. With that being said, I am still having some issues when pulling heavier weights.

I have been warming up with five sets of 135, then five sets of 225 without any problem. My form has been very good at those weights. Moving up to 315, my form is still decent, but not as good as it is with the lighter weights. Then moving up to 365 has proved to be a disaster with my legs wanting to stand up first, putting unnecessary strain on my lower back. The gameplan next week is to focus on 315 as my third and fourth sets and if I can pull those with good form, I will increase slightly.

Deadlifts are one of the exercises that I want to improve the most in and I know it is not possible without impeccable deadlifting form. To help me out, I added the deadlifting machine into my routine today. I'm hoping that it will help out tremendously just like the squat machine has helped my squats improve.

Today was weigh in day and I tipped the scaled at 269.6 lbs. I have been purposely trying to stay between 267 and 270 in order to help promote strength for my core exercises. But now it's game time and in order to hit my Phase 1 goal of 265 lbs. by my birthday, August 5, I need to bust ass going forward. With two weeks left and a little less than five pounds, I need to make sure my training and diet is spot on.

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