My Journey: Training The Wheels

This year is the year of leg training for me. I set out at the beginning of the year to train my legs harder than I ever have before. That meant going heavy on squats and leg press as well as complimenting with a few isolation leg exercises. 

Like every one of my workouts, they are brutal. I leave the gym feeling depleted and nauseous. I like that feeling - it is the feeling of victory. It is the feeling of busting your ass and leaving everything you have there. It's the feeling of not wasting any time and working towards goals. I don't have time for nonsense, so that is the way I train.
Today I set PR's on my fourth and fifth sets of barbell squats. When I got 295x3 on my fourth set, I decided to go for 315x1 on my fifth. I got 315 three times so I am proud of that. After squats, I went on to do leg press (I set a goal of 1000 lbs on leg press by next year). I stayed at 720x5 on my fifth set like last week, but it felt easier this time around. I will bump that up next week. 

Today's Workout
5 Minute Bike Warmup
Ab Machine 3x10
Squat Machine 5x10
Barbell Squats 5,5,3,3,1
Leg Press 5x5
Seated Calf Raises 3x10
Leg Extensions 3x10
Standing Leg Curls 3x10
Standing Calf Raises 3x20
Stairmaster 20 Minutes
Cardio Training
In addition to working hard in the gym three days a week, I have decided to add some more cardio in. So far this week I have set aside a little time to do some cardio after work in the evenings. Right now, it's just a light jog between 1 and 1.5 miles around my neighborhood to get a good sweat going. Yesterday, my buddy Spencer joined me and we ran for a mile then walked a quarter. I would like to eventually get to the point where I run two miles nearly every day, but I am building up to that.
On Monday, I made the goal to have five 20 minute cardio sessions this week. That goal will be easily met after my jog tonight.

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