My Journey: Phase 1 Is Winding Down

With only four days left of My Journey: Phase 1, it's time to reflect on how the past seven months have gone. With the main objective of losing bodyfat, I set a weight goal of 265 lbs. by Friday, August 5. Along with that goal, I have made it a point to lose the weight slowly while getting stronger. Gaining muscle while cutting is not easy work and that is why I decided to document My Journey as best I could.

Over the past eight months I have definitely gotten stronger, while slowly dropping weight. In the beginning of My Journey I weighed around 292 lbs. I have been able to consistently stay below 270 for the last month, so I am definitely pleased with my weight loss to this point. However, I am even more pleased with my strength increases. I have set PRs on nearly every exercise and I have made dramatic increases in leg strength throughout My Journey.

Over these final four days, I am going to be consistent with cardio and diet to do my best to reach my 265 lbs. goal. It's been a fun ride, but this is only the beginning.

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