How Michael Vick's Injury Will Impact The Eagles

Sources are reporting that Michael Vick will be out an expected three-four weeks with a hand injury suffered Sunday. These are early reports, and others including Eagles head coach Andy Reid are saying that he could be back in as soon as a week. Regardless of how long Vick will be out, this injury could become a problem for Eagles.

I'm not going to say it is as catastrophic of a loss as Peyton Manning is to the Colts, but it is huge and will definitely hurt the team.

The Eagles offense is built around Vick's ability to scramble around in the pocket and buy time for his quick receivers to get open. Without Vick in the lineup, the Eagles will struggle to get any offensive rhythm. Even with Vince Young's ability to move around, he is still not Vick.

For the team that was anointed as a super team heading into the season, there are some big issues. The team with Vick has struggled this year and things aren't going to get any better without him.

[image: AP Photo / AP Photo/John Amis]

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