Campbell Injury Opens Door For Terrelle Pryor

We may find out real quick if former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor has what it takes to be an NFL quarterback. After starter Jason Campbell went down with a season ending collarbone injury Sunday, the opportunity may have arrived for Pryor.

NFL journeyman Kyle Boller got the call to enter the game after Campbell's injury and put up a modest and respectable 100 yards on 8-of-14 passing. The question will be, will Boller continue to be the starter or will they let Pryor take the reins and run with it?

A lot of that could be decided on who has the hot hand, or who performs better than the other. For a 4-2 Raiders team with playoff aspirations, a lot rides on who their starting quarterback will be. It is hard to imaging Pryor being ready for NFL action, but the question may be is he a better option than Boller?

[Image: terrelle-pryor.org]

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