Carson Palmer Must Really Hate The Bengals

Former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer must really dislike the Bengals if he was willing to take a $5 million paycut to sign with the Oakland Raiders.

According to a source, Palmer was set to make $11.5 million under his old contract. Prorated over the final 11 games, he would have made $7.44 million. The Raiders will pay him $2.5 million for the remainder of this season.

It was no secret that Palmer disliked the Bengals organization and some said that he didn't have the same desire to play the game that he once had. If Palmer was willing to take a paycut, he obviously wanted to get back into action for another NFL team besides the Bengals. This is a good situation for Palmer as the Raiders are a team on the rise. With plenty of weapons offensively, Palmer won't be asked to do so much. All he has to do is effectively control the offense and not turn the ball over. If he does that, I see the Raiders as a legitimate playoff team this season.

[Image: Football Sickness]

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