Is Fitzpatrick The Bills Quarterback of the Future?

It was only a year ago that we were talking about the Buffalo Bills and their search for a quarterback of the future. With Cam Newton and several other quarterbacks available in this past year's NFL draft, it was very unclear if the Bills were going to stick with Ryan Fitzpatrick. It turns out that they did decide to go with him and he has led the Bills to a 4-2 start. As a result, the Bills signed him to a six-year extension worth $59 million, $24 million of it is guaranteed.

I think this a good move for both sides. First of all for Fitzpatrick, this is a significant pay raise from the $3.22 million he was making this season. For the Bills, Fitzpatrick has taken a pathetic team and turned them into a competitor. The guy is smart and he has talent. Fitzpatrick may never get the credit of being one of the top quarterbacks in the league, but the guy is solid. He is very deserving of being the guy in Buffalo and this contract extension gives both him and the Bills the comfort of knowing they don't have to look for another signal caller anytime soon.

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