Not Shocking If McNabb Loses His Starting Job

It would not be a surprise is Vikings quarterback Donovan McNabb lost his starting job at some point this season. It is clear that McNabb is not the same player that he was when he was with the Philadelphia Eagles. The reason is a simple one, he is not as athletic.

McNabb's greatest asset was his ability to scramble and make plays outside the pocket. His athletic ability to extend plays is what made him valuable. As McNabb has gotten older, he has lost the ability to move around like he was once able to. He has never had great passing accuracy, so being a pocket passer is not what has made McNabb a good quarterback.

This is why he wasn't successful with the Washington Redskins and this is why he won't be successful with the Vikings. His days as a starting NFL quarterback are most likely over.

[image: Donald Miralle/Getty Images]

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