Rookie Christian Ponder To Start For Vikings

I knew the end of the road was near for Donovan McNabb when the Vikings benched him in favor of rookie Christian Ponder last Sunday against Chicago. It looks like the job is now Ponder's, ending speculation about when the rookie was going to take the job away from the declining veteran.

This move is not surprising to me as McNabb has been terrible since his days in Philadelphia. Last season in Washington was a bust and this season in Minnesota has been worse.

It's Ponder time now and only time will tell how that will go. Ponder threw for 99 yards on 9-of-17 passing against the Bears last week for a 70.5 quarterback rating. The positive about this performance is that he didn't turn the ball over and if he doesn't throw short-hops to receivers on a consistent basis, it will be a better effort than McNabb showed when he was the starter.

[Image: Gridiron Fans]

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