DeSean Jackson Let The Eagles Down Sunday

When do you hurt your team the most? When you miss a meeting and are consequently suspended for the following game. That is exactly what happened to Eagles star receiver DeSean Jackson when he missed a special teams meeting Saturday.

The excuse was that Jackson overslept. When you are a leader on a team, you do not oversleep. You invest in a good alarm clock or two and make sure they are set before you go to sleep.

The Eagles could have used the speedy Jackson Sunday in their 21-17 loss to the Cardinals. Instead Philadelphia saw quarterback Michael Vick have a terrible game, passing for 134 yards on 16-of-34 and throwing two interceptions. Vick also broke ribs in the game, making the terrible game that much worse. It's hard to say that the Eagles would have performed better if Jackson was on the field, but it's fair to say that they wouldn't have looked worse. Jackson is in the final year of his rookie contract, so you would think he would be trying to show some leadership. Sleeping through meetings is not the way to show coaches and the team that you are a leader.

[Image: All Sports Everything]

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