The Florida Marlins Are Staying Busy

In an offseason where they introduced new head coach Ozzie Guillen already, the Florida Marlins are trying to make a big splash in free agency by courting Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle and now Albert Pujols.

The odds of the Marlins landing all three of the high profile free agents are highly unlikely and even their chances of landing two of the three seem too good to be true, There is no question that the Marlins have the money to sign a big fish this free agency, but will those three all come together to play for one team?

I still have strong feelings that Pujols, 31, will remain a member of the St. Louis Cardinals. It's hard to believe that Pujols would actually suit up for somebody else besides St. Louis. While stranger things have definitely happened, I have strong feelings that Pujols will remain a member of the Cardinals in 2012.

As for Reyes and Buehrle. They both seem much more likely to sign with Florida. Reyes will almost certainly not be a member of the New York Mets next season. Signing with Florida is a good opportunity for Reyes to continue his career as a standout shortstop. He could fit the leadoff spot nicely and looks like an ideal match for Guillen. As for Buehrle, a reunion with Guillen seems like an ideal situation. There hasn't been a bigger pitcher for Guiellen when he was the manager of the Chicago White Sox than Buehrle. He was the go to guy and it seems likely that Guillen will do everything in his power to sign him.

Whoever the Marlins end up with, they will be joining a team with some young talent to work with. With the Marlins opening up 2012 in a new stadium, it seems very fitting to add a big name free agent to booster the excitement. We'll be keeping an eye on the Marlins this offseason for sure.

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