Is Ndamukong Suh Really A Dirty Player?

Since Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh entered the NFL two years ago, he has been labeled as a dirty player. He plays the game with a physical nature, creating havoc on quarterbacks and running backs. Often times he makes offensive lineman look like much inferior humans as he uses his unique combination of strength and agility to shed block attempts. Suh is not just good, but very good at what he does.

Suh has been fined $42,500 in his young NFL career for what has been deemed as "dirty" football plays. Sure some of the hits are rough and a few fines were warranted. However, the perception that Suh is a "dirty" player will now contribute to even more fines due to the nature of his play. Sure, the fines will come, but that is the nature of how Suh plays the game. Sometimes he will cross the line, but it is not done without the intent of helping his team win the game.

Since when does playing hard warrant a tag of being a dirty player? Sure football is a violent sport and the job of a defender is to defend. Hard hits, rough tackles and block shedding are all a part of the job for a defensive tackle. Just because Suh is arguably the best defensive lineman in the NFL does not mean he should be labeled as a dirty player. It just means that he is one of the most feared and being the most feared defensive lineman means that Suh is pretty damn good at what he does.

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