The NBA Is Losing Popularity Day By Day

Let's face it, the National Basketball Association is not that popular. The fans are not near as dedicated to the NBA as it is to the National Football League or even Major League Baseball. Cancelling games this season is only hurting the league. Fans and onlookers are getting more frustrated day by day as the lockout drags on.

Many fans themselves are facing financial struggles of their own. They work hard every day trying to make ends meet. To see the NBA players and owners not being able to reach an agreement over millions of dollars is just ridiculous to many on the outside looking in. People are getting fed up with the greed in professional sports and this situation is only making matters worse for the fans. For a league that depends on fans, they are climbing a slippery slope by assuming the fans will always be there.

It is not fair that the NBA is robbing what fans they do have of a full 2011-2012 NBA season and it is even more fair to expect fans to continue to support the NBA the way they did prior to the lockout. We all want professional basketball back, but having this lockout drag on the way it is makes a lot of fans including myself become more frustrated with the selfishness of the league each day the lockout continues.

[Image: Locker Smash]

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  1. I gave up on basketball after the 2007 season. I will never return.