NBA Needs To Get Rid Of Age Limit

The current NBA age limit is 19 years old, which was put in place to try and limit high school players from jumping straight into the NBA. This sounds nice in theory, but the reality is that by putting an age limit on when a player can enter the NBA severely hurts college basketball.

There has been widespread talk of the NBA pushing the age limit to 20, but I look at it much differently than merely a number. It can be argued that a player is not ready to enter the NBA immediately after high school. With the few exceptions, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Amare Stoudemire, etc... many players have not had much success adapting to the professional game. It is also true that many straight out of college have not adapted well to the professional game as well.

By placing an age limit on players, it forces them to do something they do not want to do. In many cases it is play college basketball. Going to college and playing a sport is a privilege not a right. It only makes sense to offer scholarships to student athletes that really want to attend the school. Why does a school have to spend at least a year recruiting somebody that doesn't even really want to go to school and are just buying time before they can enter the NBA draft? I would prefer to just allow those players that want to risk it, enter the draft straight out of high school. If they think they are the next Kobe or Lebron, let them try and prove it. Why are we trying to force athletes to go to college?  Let's let the athletes that want to play college basketball play college basketball. 

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