The Redskins Really Are This Bad

As I watched the Washington Redskins take on the Dallas Cowboys yesterday, I really finally accepted the fact that the Redskins are a terrible football team. It hit me like a sledgehammer, but that is I guess what it took for me to realize that my beloved Redskins are one of the worst teams in the league.

After a 3-1 start to the year, all hell has broken out the last six games as Washington has fallen to 3-7 and last in the NFC East. Sure, the effort Sunday against the Cowboys was admirable as the Redskins took their rival to overtime, but once again, Washington failed to finish strong and let another game slip away.

It is tough being a dedicated fan of a underachieving team year after year. It's hard work, but it's necessary. Necessary because one of these days the Redskins will be worth a damn. I have been a fan for 27 years and will continue to be for as long as I live. I live and breath Washington Redskins football and sooner or later the Redskins will put a good product on the field, and I will be glad that I stuck with them.


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