Sandusky Interview Makes Him Sound Creepier

The world around Penn State and former coach Jerry Sandusky is crumbling at a rapid rate. Sandusky was interviewed last night by Bob Costas on NBC and it sure didn't help his cause in my opinion.

Sandusky is not the world's greatest speaker in the first place, so the entire interview sounded like one big lie. In addition to his all over the place answers, Sandusky's slow speech demeanor made him sound like a creepmaster. Despite those two factors, Sandusky's answer to the question of "Are you sexually attracted to children" bothered me. It seems pretty clear that if the answer was no, it wouldn't be too hard to simply say no. Instead Sandusky danced around the answer while repeating Bob's question. After repeating the question to buy time, Sandusky gave an incredibly strange answer:
"Sexually attracted, no. I enjoy young people, I love to be around them, but, no, I'm not sexually attracted to young boys." - Jerry Sandusky
Could there be a more creepy answer to such a simply question? I know that there is still a trial that needs to happen here and Sandusky claims he is innocent, but seriously, Sandusky appears guilty in every sense of the word. 

[Image: PennLive]

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