Theo Epstein and Terry Francona Reunion In Chicago?

For Chicago Cubs President of Operations Theo Epstein, former Boston Red Sox manager Terry Francona could be the perfect candidate for the vacant Cubs manager position.

The duo made it work in Boston when the Red Sox made the playoffs as a serious contender six times under Francona from 2002-2011. Francona is coming off a season in which he saw the Red Sox finish the season with a 7-20 record in September and miss the playoffs after an otherwise solid season. It was clear that his days in Boston were numbered after that collapse.

So you may be thinking why Francona would be a good fit in Chicago. The reason is quite simple actually. Epstein was brought in to reshape the franchise. He is going to bring in talent from various teams and talent that is in various stages of their careers. Epstein needs a manager that can unite the new talent and turn it into a winner. Francona can be just that. He doesn't have a big ego, he doesn't want the attention, he just wants to put his team in the best position to win. That is just what the Cubs need in their rebuilding effort that is about to begin.

[Images: Korked Bats and The Baseball Haven]

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