C.C. Sabathia and Yankees Agree

There was no way the New York Yankees were going to let their pitching ace slip away. The Yankees and lefty C.C. Sabathia agreed on a five year deal worth $122 million.

There was plenty of speculation that the Texas Rangers were among one of several teams interested in the 31-year-old. However, the Yankees were able to squash any idea of Sabathia moving to another team.

It was no secret that Sabathia wanted to remain a Yankee. It was up to the team to offer Sabathia enough money to keep him in pinstripes. The move makes sense for New York to want to do anything in order to keep Sabathia. He has been nothing short of a stud on the mound for the Yankees and he has been everything they expected him to be since they acquired him in 2009.

[Image: Newsrebound]

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