Why Is Mike McQueary Still Able To Coach At Penn State?

Penn State wide receivers coach Mike McQueary will not attend the Penn State vs. Nebraska game this weekend, but the bigger question is why is McQueary still on the coaching staff?

McQueary was the one what actually witnessed Jerry Sandusky's horrific behavior. McQueary was a graduate assistant at the time on Joe Paterno's staff and allegedly alerted Paterno of Sandusky's actions. Then we all know that nobody followed through based on the abundant media coverage of the situation at Penn State this week.

So if Paterno went down in a giant ball of flames, why is McQueary's job still safe? It seems like everybody that knew anything about the situation should be fired and treated in similar ways. I know Paterno was the leader, so the fact that he is getting all the attention is not surprising. However, why is McQueary still allowed to be on the coaching staff after playing a part in how this situation was never controlled?

[Image: Onward State]

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