Why The Orioles Should Sign Prince Fielder

If the Baltimore Orioles signed free-agent Prince Fielder, they would add a piece to their lineup that has been missing for some time. Baltimore has a good nucleus of talent in their organization with the one exception of a legitimate middle of the lineup power hitter. If the Orioles signed Fielder, they would not only be getting a good hitter, but one of the best in the game at a good point in his career. Fielder is 27 years old and signing him now would make him the face of the franchise for years to come - something the Orioles haven't had since Cal Ripken wore the orange and black.

This move alone wouldn't ensure that the Orioles are a playoff contender, but it would certainly help their cause. Some issues the Orioles faced last year were inconsistencies on both offense, defense and pitching. Adding Fielder to the lineup could help the rest of the offense out tremendously, but there is still the defensive and pitching issues. The Orioles have talented young starters in Zach Britton, Jake Arrieta, Brian Matusz, Troy Patton and Chris Tillman and an experienced veteran in Jeremy Guthrie - but there is plenty of maturing to do before they can perform consistently in the starting rotation. With time, they could turn into a great rotation, but it is much to early to tell. It would be beneficial for the Orioles to sign a decent veteran that along with Guthrie could show some leadership and help develop the young hurlers in the organization.If Baltimore signed a quality starter in addition to Fieler, the Orioles could put together a special 2012 campaign and finally give the fans in Baltimore something to get excited about.

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