Derrick Rose Is A Hero

 With all the talk about star players jumping ship to play for a new team, it's nice to see a current star player staying true to his squad. The Chicago Bulls announced today that reigning league MVP Derrick Rose has agreed to a five-year extension worth $94.8 million.

It's nice to see some loyalty from a star player. Even though he is going to be getting a nice chunk of change to stay in the red and black, Rose is committed to making the Bulls a winner.

According to ESPN, Rose had this to say about the deal:
"I think I live a humble life," he said. "Of course, I know I'll be able to afford whatever I want, but other than that, there aren't too many things that excite me. Me winning is one of the things. Me being around my family, that's another. Money, that's the last thing I think about."
The year before Rose was drafted by the Bulls, Chicago finished with a 33-49 record. In Rose's rookie season in 2008-2009 and sophomore season, the Bulls finished the season 41-41. With Rose's leadership last season, the Bulls improved to 62-20. Granted Chicago did add some key components over the past couple of seasons, but Rose can show some of the other stars around the league how a winning team is built in the NBA.

[Image: Every Joe]

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  1. Love the attitude...so refreshing