Rex Ryan, Shut Up and Prove It

It's easy to talk, but backing up your talk can be a more daunting task for some. New York Jets egotistical coach, Rex Ryan, has never been one to shy away from outlandish comments. In his most recent fumble of the mouth, Ryan states that he wants the New York Jets (8-6) to be the best team in football, but right now he is okay with being the best team in New York.

The Jets play the New York Giants (7-7) this week and it is sure to be an explosive matchup- or nonexplosive. The Jets are coming off a 45-19 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles and the Giants are coming off a 23-10 loss to the Washington Redskins. Neither team has been spectacular this year, despite lofty expectations.

While Ryan may have a point, it still doesn't need to be brought up. What ever happened to letting your play speak for itself. Why does it need to be talked about before the game is even played? It's nice to see that Ryan is so confident in this game considering his team has flopped in six of its 14 games this year. I've had about enough of Ryan and his mouth. It's time for the Jets to just go out and win some big football games and it starts this week against the Giants.


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