Manny Ramirez Wants Another Shot

How many times have we seen this before? Somebody that has a history of doing anything but what they are all of a sudden promising to do. That is what is going on with Manny Ramirez right now. The former MLB slugger is now promising that if a team takes a chance on him, he will be a role model.

Hey, Manny! It's a little late for that.

The last time we mentioned Ramirez in the same sentence as being a MLB player, we were talking about his pending suspension for performance enhancing drugs after the Tampa Bay Rays took a chance on him. Rather than serve the 100 game suspension, Ramirez decided to walk away from the game he supposedly loves so much.

It's fair to say that Ramirez has had a very good MLB career. In his 18 seasons, he is a career.312 hitter with 555 homeruns and 1,831 RBIs. Those numbers are no joke and enough to put a player in the hall of fame. However, when your actions are referred to as "Oh, it's just Manny being Manny" on a regular basis, things are different. Ramirez has always done things his own way and they haven't always been the right way. He has been criticized for not giving full effort at times and at times it has been questioned about what kind of a teammate he is. Those are not traits that a leader possesses.

At 39 years old, it would be interesting to see if any team bites and makes him an offer. He may still have value in the American League as a designated hitter, but a looming suspension has to steer many away for what could be a headache of an addition to the team. Ramirez is hoping to get his suspension reduced to 50 games, but there is still uncertainty around whether that will happen.

Let's call it what it is. It's another case of a player trying to extend his playing time when he really shouldn't. Let's face it - Ramirez doesn't want to have a great career ended with a PED suspension. I don't blame him, but the best way to avoid such a thing is to not take PEDs in the first place - something Ramirez failed to do.

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