The Wizards Are Pathetic

Has there ever been a more embarrassing team in the NBA than the 2012 Washington Wizards? Let's face it, nobody thought that the Wizards were going to be a good team, but nobody also thought that they would become that Washington Generals of the NBA,

Night in and night out the Wizards continue to lose games. Currently sitting at 1-12, the Wizards host a Oklahoma City Thunder team that owns a 12-2 record. Chances are we have a pretty good guess how this game will end up.

Wizards savior John Wall has been anything but. The former number one pick has shown glimpses of promise, most recently a 38-point performance in a loss to the Houston Rockets. However, he has not been able to save the Wizards in any way. Sure, it takes more than one player and most likely that is the case. Many will say that Wall is doing a good job, but his turnover stats beg to differ. Wall is far from the only problem on the team, but it proves that the entire team needs to get better.

How much longer can the Wizards fans stand by this team? The last time the Wizards made the playoffs was in 2008 and the last time the Wizards won a playoffs series was in 2005 when they beat the Chicago Bulls before losing to the Miami Heat in the conference semifinals.

It takes time to build a winner, but it shouldn't take time to become competitive. With the current squad being embarrassed every night, it's time to figure out who needs to be there and who is going to help the Wizards win some games.

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