49ers Keep Smith

It was a rocky road for a couple of weeks, but the San Francisco 49ers resigned free-agent quarterback Alex Smith to a three-year deal to stay with the team.

With the sudden interest in free-agent quarterback Peyton Manning, the 49ers may have angered their current quarterback enough to jump to another team. However, sources around the league sited that there wasn't too much interest in Smith. On the other hand, the 49ers didn't have any better option either, so the reunion made sense.

Smith had a solid 2011 season and led the 49ers to the playoffs. Backed by a great defense, the offense headed by Smith had enough firepower to pick up some critical wins last year. The 49ers have a Super Bowl caliber team, so no doubt more will be expected of Smith in 2012.

[Image: One Bottle Debrief]

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