Petrino Done In Arkansas

It has been a rocky road for Arkansas head football coach Bobby Petrino. After an on-road mishap last week, the Razorbacks were forced to fire their coach of four seasons. Petrino has built Arkansas into one of the best teams in the country, but after a bout with ethics and morals, Arkansas wasn't left with any other choice.

Petrino was involved in a motorcycle accident last week and was hospitalized as a result. Petrino was believed to be the only one involved in the accident at first. It was there that Petrino's ultimate undoing began. The 51-year-old, father of four, failed to mention the passenger on his motorcycle at the time - 25-year-old Jessica Dorrell, a member of the Arkansas football staff, who was allegedly unfairly hired four days prior to the accident. The more time that passed, the more info came out about the two and their affair.

Being a head coach for a college football team is more than X's and O's. Being a quality individual with good morals and ethics are as much a part of the job as your winning percentage. College athletics are more than developing and preparing the elite talent for the next level. It's also and more importantly about developing teens and turning them into men. With a head coach not only living an unfaithful life, but lying in an attempt to cover it up, the Razorbacks didn't have any other option but to fire Petrino.

[Image: The Christian Science Monitor]

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