Red Flag? Claiborne Apparently Blows Off Wonderlic

It was being reported as the lowest score ever, but Dallas Cowboys draft pick Morris Claiborne has an excuse for why he scored a four on the Wonderlic test given to NFL prospects before the NFL draft.

The Wonderlic test consists of 50 multiple choice questions that must be answered in 12 minutes. The questions are a variety of common sense type questions that would be seen on a typical IQ test. Not necessarily football related.

The scores for these tests are intended to be kept confidential by NFL teams, but it isn't uncommon for scores to be leaked. In Claiborne's case, he probably wished that his low score was kept a secret.

According to an ESPN report, the former LSU cornerback didn't take the test seriously.
"I mean, I looked on the test and wasn't nothing on the test that came with football, so I pretty much blew the test off," Claiborne said.
Sure, this is only a test and another step in the pre-draft process, but this puts up a red flag about Claiborne. First of all, every prospect takes this test, so he wasn't being singled out in any way. Second of all, he admitted to not taking it seriously. Whether he is telling the truth or not is up for discussion, but nonetheless this test is part of the process and should most definitely be taken seriously.

The Cowboys traded up for Claiborne because of what he can do on the football field. His football IQ is being reported as being pretty strong. I just don't see how a player with a strong football IQ can score so low on the Wonderlic even if he didn't take the test seriously.

[Image: The Advocate]

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