Doug Martin: Bucks No. 1 Back?

People knew that when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafted running back Doug Martin out of Boise State, he could become the No. 1 Back in Tampa. However, people probably didn't think that he would take the job away from reining top back LeGarrette Blount so soon.

According to reports, Martin is earning a lot of buzz from the Tampa camp. Beat writers and coach Greg Schiano all believe Martin can succeed in the Tampa run scheme. It will be interesting to see if the versatile Martin continues to dominate the reps this offseason going into preseason.

Image: Pro Football Focus


  1. This was Boise States way of getting even with LeGarrette's cheap shot... we sent him in to actually face him then put him on his a**. It's o.k. LeGarrette.... 2 out of 2 ain't bad...(meatloaf)... or was that 2 out of 3??? oh well, you suck...

    1. Great point, Norm. I wonder what was going through LeGarrette's head when the Bucs drafted Martin...