Luck vs. Griffin III in Preseason... Who Cares?

It isn't every year that quarterbacks go No. 1 and No. 2 in the NFL draft. It is even more rare that they face each other in the first pre-season of their NFL careers. That still doesn't impress me. After all, it is just another pre-season game.

For Indianapolis Colts quarterback and No. 1 overall pick Andrew Luck, the comparison to Colts longtime quarterback Peyton Manning will be ever present during his career. Afterall, Luck is the reason the Colts decided to part ways with Manning. Griffin III, the No. 2 overall selection by the Washington Redskins finds himself in the position of leading a team that has lacked an offensive leader for years. Both quarterbacks have high expectations.

When the two face off against each other this Saturday, people will be eager to compare Luck and Griffin III against each other despite the fact that it is only a pre-season game. Nobody knows how long either rookie will play, or what defensive players they will face. The pre-season is for fine tuning and deciding what players will be on the roster when the season starts.

Both Luck and Griffin III will be trying hard to lead their team to the Super Bowl during their careers. Let's leave the comparisons to the regular season, or better yet if the two have the opportunity to face each other in a championship type setting.

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