Redskins Cleared In Bounty Investigation

When defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was accused of being the instigator in the league's harsh punishment of the New Orleans Saints and its staff, it made people wonder if the NFL was going to find anything against the Washington Redskins when Williams was defensive coordinator for the Redskins from 2004 through 2007. The short answer is 'No', according to league sources.

Williams has been suspended indefinitely by the NFL and several Saints coaches and players were also hit hard by penalties handed down by the NFL as a result of the bounty scandal.

This is good news for the Redskins, as they can move on from this without worrying about any penalties being handed down on them. While it would be hard to go back five to eight years and find anything specific to hold against Williams when he was in Washington, it's still a relief that nothing did come of it.

[Image: farraguter]

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