Show Some Class Chiefs Fans

The Kansas City Chiefs fans proved just how much they dislike Matt Cassel when they cheered while the quarterback laid on the field after a crushing blow that knocked him out of the game.

Even though Cassel has not lived up to expectations since being aquired from New England after the 2008 season, cheering an injury is just bad taste. It is one thing to urge a player to be benched for poor performance, it is another thing to cheer when a player is clearly injured. Cassel may not be great, but it isn't like he is intentionally being bad. He is trying to win games, so applauding an injury for a guy who you should be supporting, shows just how non-supporting Kansas City fans are.

The afternoon started off bad for Cassel, as a fan started a fund to raise money to hire a plane to fly over Arrowhead Stadium towing a banner pleading for the Chiefs to bench the starting quarterback. The dislike for Cassel is made even more apparent because the Chiefs backup quarterback is Brady Quinn, the quarterback from Notre Dame who has failed to beat out mediocre quarterbacks for playing time in his six-year career.

[Image: Arrowhead Pride]

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