Why Bench Vick?

For the past three weeks the news out of Philadelphia has been mainly focused on whether or not the Philadelphia Eagles are going to bench starting quarterback Michael Vick or not. There is no question Vick has talent, but the issue has been turnovers. Vick has thrown eight interceptions and fumbled nine times this season. Combined with his lowest passer rating, 78.6, since joining the Eagles, it makes sense that the topic to bench Vick would come up. The greater issue is that the Eagles don't have a better replacement for Vick.

Let's face it. The Eagles are a mess. Sitting at 3-4, there has been talk of benching the starting quarterback. Head coach Andy Reid has been placed on the hot seat by fans and media. It's not looking good in Philadelphia.

It looks like the Eagles are sticking with Vick as the starting quarterback. The reason is simple: he gives the Eagles the best chance to win. Sure, you could opt for starting a rookie in Nick Foles, where the result is unknown, but the Eagles don't have time for that. They need to win now and the fact of the matter is that Vick gives the Eagles the best chance to win.

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