Miami Marlins: Irrelevant Again

The Miami Marlins made a big splash last offseason by bringing in Ozzie Guillen as manager and signing big name free agents Jose Reyes, Heath Bell and Mark Buehrle. Needless to say all those players are now not a part of the Marlins.

In a clear move to dump salary, the Marlins traded away Reyes, Buehrle and Josh Johnson to the Toronto Blue Jays for basically nothing. For a team that just built a $515 million dollar new stadium  for the new look Marlins, this sure looks like the old salary-dumping Marlins to me.

The Marlins tried something different last season. They tried to buy wins by hitting the free-agent market hard in the off-season. This resulted in a 69-93 record and a lot of pissed of people in Miami. This method did not work. However, what does this say to the current players and fans?

If I was a player on the Marlins, I would be demanding a trade. Who wants to play for a franchise that simply doesn't want to win? Who wants to be a part of a franchise that trades away talent to shed salary? I know I wouldn't.

If I was a fan of the Marlins, I would be irate. There is nothing worse than cheering for a team when the owner and GM simply are not dedicated to building a winner. While cheering for the underdog is fun once in a while, but when you invest money in tickets and merchandise, you want to see a quality product on the field.

Instead of moving towards a new era of Marlins baseball, Miami took a retro step back to their roots.

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